Chad Hoover, MSc, CSM, ICP

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I have spent the last 10+ years working in the independent game development community, including development teams between Denver, CO and Orlando, FL. My passion for creating an empowering collaborative hard working environment is at my core this stems from my love of growing community and engagement inside cross-development teams. 
Prior to working with the independent community in Central Florida, I have spent 11 years in the video game tournament industry. Through my early years of playing hours of games, I had decided to play them competitively. In the early 2000's, I was ranked in the Top 50 of Call Of Duty, America's Army, and Splinter Cell. I was also by the age of 21 an admin of two popular game clans Die with Honor and Geezer Gaming which I'm still an active admin member with.  After retiring from competitive play, I transitioned to running tournaments instead. This led me to working across the country with many conventions including Pensacon, Megacon, Denver Comic Con, etc...
I am currently the Founder and Lead Producer at Continuum Studio, Board Member at Indienomicon, Operations Manager at Orlando Game Space. 
I love everything about games. They are my life blood. If they didn't exist I don't know where my life would be that is how much of impact they are on my career and passion in life. I enjoy meeting new people and learning from others. My career has been a rocky one but I wouldn't change a single piece. It has allowed myself to carve a unique path in my career and each day provides a new one. Helping impact others will always be something I value.

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Kunal Patel

Chief Technical Officer


Chad Hoover is true force of nature (in the best way possible) - strong, relentless and swift. I've had the pleasure of working with Chad across several projects and organizations over the past few years and he always elevates the expectations of what success means. He has an extremely strong work ethic, takes charge when its needed, asks all the right questions, meticulous in his research, accepts feedback from all sides, offers a solution when a problem arises and always makes an effort to create a fun environment for his colleagues. Beyond being an extremely strong team mate and partner professionally, Chad has also become a great friend and come through in times of need. Should you find yourself with the opportunity to work with Chad, you will learn what it's like to work with a rockstar.

Current/Former Team members

Adam Stearns

Fr. Business Partner

 ZebraLighning Studio

If you work in video games, you'll be lucky to work with Chad. I have worked with Chad since early 2013 on several mobile game releases, and none of those games would have come to fruition without his involvement. Chad is a hardworking, motivated, organized person who would rival any Producer I have ever worked with. Chad is a trustworthy guy who deeply cares about games, people, and making sure projects get done right. If someone handed me a million dollar project tomorrow, Chad would be the first person I would call. If you find yourself vetting candidates for a particular position in games or any other position, and are considering Chad for the spot, please reach out. I endorse Chad 100%.

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Robert Torrez

Board of Directors


Hard working, driven by goals and focused till the very end, Chad Hoover has been instrumental to the growth of Indienomicon and the development of a bustling Indie game dev community. His ability to communicate and organize was proven time and time again, in some cases taking the metaphorical coal and turning it into diamonds. I would be glad to work with Chad again.

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